We’re picky about what we pick

We spent 2 years trying to find the perfect fruits. We wanted a pineapple that was sweet but not too sweet. A mango that tasted great even without heaps of sugar added. It wasn’t easy because we’re picky.

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Our fruit is sustainably farmed

When we insisted on fruit that was farmed sustainably and on land that grew those fruits natively, our list of partners grew even smaller. By choosing native plants, our farmers can reduce or remove the need for chemical fertilisers and sprays because the soil and biodiversity of the region provides everything that is needed.

Finally, we are firm when it comes to honest trading and only partnering with farmers who pay their workers fairly for a hard day’s work. Being a part of a global ecosystem means it’s important that the people who do the hard work in making Nibblish possible, get fairly rewarded. It’s only in this way that their families and communities can gain the revenue they need to secure education, medical care and other necessities of life we take for granted.

What goes in to our fruit

We carefully select all our fruits to make sure that they are the purest, most healthy snack you can find for you and the family. Our fruits must meet these criteria:


Our fruit is native to where they are being grown.


All of our fruit is ethically produced.


All of our fruit is sustainably farmed.


We only use the very best quality fruit.

What doesn’t go in to our fruit

While what goes into our fruit is so important, what’s also crucial is what doesn’t go in. You won’t find any added:




Join us on our mission to prove that food can be wholesome, delicious, and healthy while still supporting our community, our growers and the environment.

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There’s so much to know about us at Nibblish. Find out how our food is wholesome, delicious and healthy while still supporting our community, our growers and the environment.

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