Our growers and process

We visited hundreds of farms and met with growers and learnt about how they grow their fruit, their families and what our business would mean to them.

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How we could change lives

It was a humbling experience to see how we could change their lives. We selected farmers carefully based not just on the fruit they grow but also on that way they grow it and the care they take.

We’re lucky in that we’ve grown to the point of having over 1,000 farmers working within the Nibblish bubble. It’s so rewarding to be able to help them with their farms so they can grow better quality fruit with a higher yield so they can continue to provide for their family.

The Nibblish process

We pick the fruit when it’s fresh and in season, bake it the day it comes off the plant to lock in the goodness and make the most wholesome snack possible.

Nibblish Process Illustration_Direct to Growers

Direct to growers

We deal directly with growers so they get the best price for their fruit.

Nibblish Process Illustration_Grow Native

Grow native

We grow our fruit where its native and pick it fresh and in season.

Nibblish Process Illustration_Slice & Bake

Slice & bake

Slice it and bake it the day it comes off the plant to lock in the goodness without adding any nasties.

Nibblish Process Illustration_Package


Pop it in a bag for you to enjoy on the go.

About Nibblish

There’s so much to know about us at Nibblish. Find out how our food is wholesome, delicious and healthy while still supporting our community, our growers and the environment.

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