Giving back to our community

Schools and sports clubs

It has long been a focus for Nibblish to give back to the community through donations but this year we thought it was especially important to give back to the schools and sports clubs that our such key parts of our communities. We are launching both fundraising packs which are available to any organisation in New Zealand and a donation scheme for all schools and sports clubs who stock Nibblish.

We’ll be giving back 5% of all our sales to you as a donation at the end of the year.


If you’d like to range Nibblish and receive the year end donation just let us know when you place your first order in the Wholesale section and we’ll automatically make your donation at the end of the year.

10% of our profit goes to charities

In conjunction with our work for schools and sports clubs around New Zealand we also give 10% of our profits to charities. We look forward to growing our impact both here and around the world.

Who fills our boxes

We’re partnering with the team at Altus Enterprises so that every one of our online orders is packed and sent by someone with a disability. We’re proud to support their work and help realise their vision for a world where everyone feels valued and purposeful regardless of their physical or intellectual challenges.

About Nibblish

There’s so much to know about us at Nibblish. Find out how our food is wholesome, delicious and healthy while still supporting our community, our growers and the environment.

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