Supporting communities means better fruit

Our communities deliver our fruit so it makes sense to pay them well and invest in their success.

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Honest Trading

We simply couldn’t continue to operate Nibblish without the care and support of everyone involved from the first time a seed is planted to when the last piece of fruit is picked.


So it’s right that those hard working partners of ours are paid fairly, work in safe conditions and are supported to grow better quality crops with a higher yield.

What people often don’t realise is that through operating in an honest and ethical way we are also supporting the environment.


When our partners are paid fairly it means they don’t cut corners when it comes to the environment. Their families get an education which provides them the means and passion to carry an environmental message on through the generations.

Some of the ways we look after our team…

We help transport our team to work and have a creche onsite so our female workers can continue to work. We provide lunch each day and most importantly we don’t source from large conglomerates so the families that are part of our community can pay for education and healthcare.

The Nibblish process

We pick the fruit when it’s fresh and in season, bake it the day it comes off the plant to lock in the goodness and make the most wholesome snack possible.

Nibblish Process Illustration_Direct to Growers

Direct to growers

We deal directly with growers so they get the best price for their fruit.

Nibblish Process Illustration_Grow Native

Grow native

We grow our fruit where its native and pick it fresh and in season.

Nibblish Process Illustration_Slice & Bake

Slice & bake

Slice it and bake it the day it comes off the plant to lock in the goodness without adding any nasties.

Nibblish Process Illustration_Package


Pop it in a bag for you to enjoy on the go.


You’ve probably guessed by now that sustainability is a big deal for us. Check out more of what we do below.

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