We all depend on water. Let’s look after it.

Our planet and the animals and plants that share it with us depend on water too. In the western world we take water for granted because all we need to do is turn on a tap. However so little of the water around the world is accessible or able to be consumed by us – just 0.3% in fact.

What we do to help

The sad truth of food production is that it uses a lot of water. In many countries that is in production – in particular when farming non-native crops and other fruits.


As we only grow where fruit is natively grown, our use is confined to cleaning down all the areas that the fruit gets to when it is cut up and dried.

However, that is still a lot of water and that worried us.


So our solution was to make sure that all our water is recycled each day. We capture that water and any rainfall, clean it, store it and then reuse it each day. Through having this closed system, it means our water use is as minimal as possible.

Water is a precious commodity for the whole world!

With water an increasingly precious commodity we can’t wait to save it. That’s why we started from day 1.




You’ve probably guessed by now that sustainability is a big deal for us. Check out more of what we do below.

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