Just the best
fruit in the world,
gently baked!

No sugar or other nasties added – just delicious wholesome fruit to have on the move.

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Join us on our mission to prove that food can be wholesome, delicious, and healthy while still supporting our community, our growers and the environment.

Our favourite fruits

  • Mangoes are not your typical healthy lunchbox or desk drawer snack. Sticky, hard to chop up, they do make life difficult. No more though! We’ve done the hard work for you and put 2 of these delicious beauties in a bag ready for nibbling on the go. Just without the mess.

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  • Prunes are a pretty funky fruit that pack some serious nutrition. Often though they are laced with chemical preservatives that get in the way of that superfood goodness. Like all our fruit we don’t see the need to spoil these prunes with nasty additives, so the ingredient list is just prunes.
    10 yummy bags in every box

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  • Strawberries, in a bag, for nibbling on the go without the mess. Paired with a little pure apple juice to keep them soft, these in season strawberries make up 1 of your 5 a day. We’ve looked after them from the farm gate to the bag and like all our fruit there’s no refined sugar or chemicals added.

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  • Pineapple is delicious but so often sticky and not always easy to chop on a car ride! Like all our snacks we’ve done the hard work for you and put these juicy pineapples in a bag ready for nibbling on the go. 1 of your 5 a day on the move. Easy.

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  • Can’t decide on your favourite Nibblish Fruits? Don’t worry we understand!
    Now you can create your own personalised carton. Just make up a box of at least 10 using the options below.

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  • Dried cranberries are often flat and full of added sugar because they are the leftovers from when cranberry juice is made. We like to be different and Nibblish cranberries are grown to be eaten! So we leave the juice, with all its goodness and flavour, in the berry. Like all our fruit there’s no sugar or chemicals added – all we do is gently bake them, so it makes great nibbling for you!

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We’re on a journey
to 100% sustainable
healthy snacking

Whether its solar power on all our premises, recycling the water we use, or building a biogas plant to turn our leftover fruit into power we want to make healthy snacks as delicious and sustainable as possible.

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The Nibblish process

We pick the fruit when it’s fresh and in season, bake it the day it comes off the plant to lock in the goodness and make the most wholesome snack possible.

Nibblish Process Illustration_Direct to Growers

Direct to growers

We deal directly with growers so they get the best price for their fruit.

Nibblish Process Illustration_Grow Native

Grow native

We grow our fruit where its native and pick it fresh and in season.

Nibblish Process Illustration_Slice & Bake

Slice & bake

Slice it and bake it the day it comes off the plant to lock in the goodness without adding any nasties.

Nibblish Process Illustration_Package


Pop it in a bag for you to enjoy on the go.

We do things differently

From the humble beginnings of our kitchen and making our kid’s lunch boxes we’re now a team of passionate folks with big ambitions. We believe in great food, paying fair wages, reducing our waste, cutting emissions, and most of all making sustainable healthy snacks for you and your family.

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About Nibblish

There’s so much to know about us at Nibblish. Find out how our food is wholesome, delicious and healthly while still supporting our community, our growers and the environment.

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